ANDY + SIMONA – Martinuzzi Alba

Andy and Simona had one of the craziest party this year, and we will prove it! But wait…I have started with the end! Le’s go back to beginning.
Long time ago, seems like yesterday, but it was a year and a half ago, Simona wrote to us if we will photograph their wedding, a beautiful romanian-english wedding, and we were more than happy to do it. Simona is a good planner, very organized person and we knew it will be a very relaxed with lots of surprises kind of wedding, but what happend was more than we have ever expected. And that is because of their beautiful friends and families.
With lots of smiles and free spirit, good attitude and great music and location, their party was Bond, James Bond themed wedding party. Beautiful people bond girl Simona and the Howard Wilis, Andy Howard Wilis, we loved photographing your story! We love to give for our clients 100%, always, but they made us to give 110 % because all the guests had so much energy and fun, till morning…a party that never stopped! So here are the photos to prove it! Hugs and kisses darlings!


02-fotografii-nunta-hotel-medieval-alba-iulia 03-pregatirile-miresei-hotel-medieval 04-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 05-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 06-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 07-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 08-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 09-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 10-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 11-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 12-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 13-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 14-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 15-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 16-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 17-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 18-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 19-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 20-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 21-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 22-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 23-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 24-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 25-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 26-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 27-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 28-dansul-mirilor-martinuzzi-alba 29-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 30-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 31-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 32-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 33-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 34-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 35-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 36-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 37-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 38-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 39-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 40-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 41-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 42-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 43-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 44-petrecere-nunta-dj-paul-alba 45-fotografii-party-nunta-martinuzzi-alba 46-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 47-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 48-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 49-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 50-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 51-petrecere-nunta-martinuzzi 52-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 53-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia 54-fotografii-nunta-alba-iulia



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